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Matrix Arms: MX19 Handgun

The Matrix Arms MX19 is an all metal frame handgun that is customizable and has been called “a Glock on steroids.” Similar in size to the Glock 19 , this pistol actually uses Glock 19 Gen3 magazines. Breaking away from the classic curve of a Glock handle, the MX19’s grip was inspired by the timeless 1911.

The MX19 is customizable with many options including: frames, triggers, slides, grips, and barrels in different styles and colors to suit your style and needs. We’ve found with our customers that choosing the final color scheme is the most challenging of the decisions! There are so many to choose from.

This pistol boasts an easy to rack slide, with an RMR cut on the top, and an internal buffer system designed to diminish recoil.

The MX19 when purchased from Chandler’s comes in a seriously tough carry case with a few accessories including an additional grip and recoil spring.

If you don’t like a plastic feel, the all-metal frame MX19 might be for you.

Check out the MX19 in person at Chandler’s Firearms Estates!

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